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This project was a for a vacation condo located in Aptos, CA. This property has a beautiful beach view with a private balcony and features the following:

  • Kitchen renovation

  • Living room

  • Guest bedroom

  • Guest bathroom

  • Master bedroom

  • Master bedroom

  • Inside laundry unit

The goal was to give this beach front property a much-needed makeover to compliment its gorgeous beach front view. With this in mind, we designed the space to have a beach front feel. Being so close the beach, it's inevitable that sand will get tracked throughout the space and we made sure we made specific and deliberate choices based around the feel and function.

The result of this project was a beautiful, relaxing, space to retreat to at the end of the day with a glass of wine on the balcony or a movie night by the fireplace. The space is open and inviting and able to withstand the elements from the beach.

Seaside Escape


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